bolos, decorações em chantininho/Chantilly

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there are many different pictures of cakes made to look like princesses on the same cake
Bolos de Princesas da Disney
there is a cake that looks like princess and the frog on it's side
Bolo Princesa Tiana
there is a cake decorated with two princesses on the top and bottom tiers
Bolo Princesas Chantininho
Bolo Mérida e Pocahontas
a cake decorated with an image of snow white and the seven dwarfs holding a mirror
Bolo Mulan
Bolo infantil em chantininho
there is a blue cake with a princess figure on top and flowers in the background
Bolo Cinderela em Chantininho
Bolo princesa Disney
a cake that looks like a princess sitting on top of a can
Bolo Tema Bela
Bolo princesa Disney em Chantininho
there is a cake that looks like princess pocahon on the top of it
Bolo Jasmine
Bolo Princesas Disney chantininho
Bolo Branca de Neve
a three tiered cake with musical notes on it and a clock in the middle
Bolo Professora de Música
a captain america themed birthday cake with stars and stripes
Bolo Capitão América