Candy Skewers Dessert Some of the most fun food ideas are the most simple ones, as is true in the case of these awesome candy skewers from Kim Werker. As she describes, they are "the simplest, most time-consuming, impre.

Servilletas con piruletas para fiestas infantiles

tucked bright lollipops into napkins. Fold the napkin diagonally in half. With the straight side facing you, fold the napkin toward the point three times. Cut ribbons tie them in a bow, and insert a lollipop

Voor de #koffieaddicts | door de warmte van de kaarsen geurt een ruimte heerlijk naar koffie. Je hebt vast ergens een paar kaarsen en een schaaltje :) #tip #Jillxox

This is a great way to have the coffee house smell in your home. Coffee beans, tea lights and ramekins. The heat from the tea light releases the aroma from the beans.

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Fab party favour idea x Pinwheel topped bottles with candy. Photo by Dot Coms for Moms

Centros de mesa de chuches y piruletas para fiestas infantiles

Zoete tafeldecoratie om zelf te maken

Centerpiece for the kids table or a child's birthday party. Great fun for a candy land or willy wonka themed party! Although they might not stay centerpieces for too long!