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I like. ..

I like. ..

Two cats and a box

Oh crap. here he comes Can't I come in the box? You won't fit. You are too fat. I've been eating salad The box isn't big enough. Nonsense, the box is plenty big. You are crushing me! I told you. CAN"T BREATHE!

Map of still standing Police Boxes! :O

Get a map of still standing Police Boxes! For whenever I go to England. (I hope at least one of them has bad wolf written on it) Find the ONE not on the map and run away with him!

Doctor Who timeline

Doctor Who series timeline. This is hilarious but it's a good thing it doesn't include season or River's timeline would look like a hamster had run wildly across the page--- is season just part 2 of saeson 6 or did i miss something