Riomaggiore, Italy.

Cinque Terre, Part 2

Manarola, Italy - My favorite town of Cinque Terre- It's in the province of La Spezia, Liguria, northern Italy. A unique place called 'Cinque Terre ' (which means Five Towns literally and this is one of the town, they are right next to each other).

Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Next vacation destination 👌🏻Rio Celeste, Costa Rica. Hidden within the cloud forests of Tenorio National Park, the magnificent bright blue Rio Celeste Waterfall will take your breath away.

Citta del Mare hotel, Sicily. #travel

Over 33760 people liked this! Citta del Mare hotel in Sicily - water slide right into the Mediterranean Sea Sicily Italy MediterraneanSea WaterSlides


Alley in Athens, Greece.unfortunately, I did not find this alley in Greece.

Balloon Tour over Cappadocia, Turkey

Balloon Tour over Cappadocia, Turkey. Anyone who's seen the Wizard of Oz has thought about how cool it would be to travel in a hot air balloon!


Celebrating Africa on "YOUR LIFE on Cairo. The world is such an interesting place with interesting people and things to see

Tropea Beach Italy

Escape to these breathtaking beaches: Tropea Beach, Italy. Clean, Blue waters and a beautiful town to wander in.