Argent / McCall / Stilinski - I love how it shows the names broken. It shows them as people broken, and how all three of their family's are broken as well.

Everyone looks serious and then theres Dylan

I love how everyone's actually posing for the camera to take a decent picture and then there's Dylan Sprayberry.

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Teen Wolf poor Stiles is always gonna be remembered by his jeep :( I am going to get Derek's symbol as a tatoo when I'm older

Tyler Posey. Teen Wolf

Tyler Posey oh my goodness he is talented and gorgeous. U can`t resist that face, come on! There is this kid at my school who looks like a younger version of him and he is cuuuuteeeee!

#wattpad #de-todo Frases De la mejor serie del mundo ♡

Frases Y Momentos De Teen Wolf

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