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Just leaped off the page as being very pretty. Seeing this and a couple similar looking made me look more at the granny stitch'esque'y look (instead of "just" row after row of hdc half double crochet) for bulky yarn projects I'm trying to do right now.

Комбинированное платье для Михаль - Вязание для детей - Страна Мам

ru [ "Combined dress Michal - Knitting for children - Country Mom", "Crochet summer dress with fabric skirt" ] # # # # # # #

Summer dress with vertical striping - very slimming!

Top 10 Free Patterns For Crochet Summer Clothes

Crochet Sweater: Crochet Tunic Dress For Women - Free Pattern.Could lengthen this for a dress,although personally I would wear a strappy vest and petticoat underneath

gancho de la falda basado Giovanna Dias 'hilo - prendas de punto para su hogar, crochet, tejido, crochet esquema

крючок со схемами

Skirt hook based Giovanna Dias 'thread - knitwear for your home, crochet, knitting, crochet scheme

Elegantes para vestir en distintas horas ya sea al aire libre ,paseos por el mar como de cóctel

great idea for a knit top with cables and stPretty Purple Dress free crochet graph pattern. great idea for a knit top with cables and st