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Monique Diogo

Monique Diogo
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Dom Pedro I, o Libertador do Brasil ( Queluz, 1798 – Queluz, 1834) Primeiro…

Dom Pedro I, o Libertador do Brasil ( Queluz, 1798 – Queluz, Primeiro Imperador do Brasil, Pedro IV de Portugal

S.A. Leopoldina de Habsburgo-Lorena, Imperatriz do Brasil, 1817 - HIM Empress Leopoldina of Brazil, 1817

Maria Leopoldina of Austria (Portuguese: Maria Leopoldina de Áustria; German: Maria Leopoldine von Österreich) (Maria Leopoldina Josefa 22 January 1797 – 11 December was an archduchess of Austria, Empress consort of Brazil and Queen consort of Portugal.

Maria Francisca of Portugal (1800 - 1834). Daughter of Joao VI and Charlotte of Spain. She married Carlos V of Spain and had three children.

Infanta Maria Francisca of Portugal, wife of Infante Carlos, Count of Molina

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Basic black smokey eye

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