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I will probably never get a tat, but if I do this is similar to what I want. A simple lotus flower.

Unalome incorporating a lotus to signify rebirth or possibly a birth of a child -joanna

Unalome incorporating a lotus to signify rebirth or possibly a birth of a child -joanna. Could somehow maybe incorporate the semi colon too

tatuagem de mandala feminina significado - Pesquisa Google

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Viajei sem o matrial de desenho :( mas com uma caneta bic e uma folha em branco da pra brincar rs!!! Caso alguem c interesse orçamento 27 999805879 #kadutattoo #tattoo #tatuagem #owl #drawn #design #coruja #tattooart

30 Brilliant Owl Tattoo Design Ideas That You'll Inspired - Lucky Bella

“#SearchTattoo #Desenho #Tatuadora #Morceguinha ↣ @morceguinhatattoo”

Flower = pink and the diamonds = light blue. Leave the rest blue

"Seja grato pelo que você é agora, e continue lutando por aquilo que você quer ser amanhã."

Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. Good reminder to not give up


You will never have to force anything that's truly meant to be. I gotta REMEMBER this!

"Only dead fish go with the flow."  Pretty sure that's not true, but sometimes going with the flow is the worst thing you can do...  || Because Sometimes A Little Inspiration Goes A Long Way - 34 Pics

This isn't even true. Fish can swim with or against the current. Who the hell came up with this. And now 'dead fish' everywhere are going with the flow by quoting this and thinking it's deep lol.

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Inspirational Quote: Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection


Are You Ready To Shine Like A Diamond? Are Your Taking The Cuts and Frictions of Life with the Diamond Spirit? If YES then Your Time to Shine has Come. If NO then you must check if you are a diamond or NOT.