Grow carrots in a 2 liter bottle! What a cool way to let the kids learn about the way carrots grow.

Great project - Grow carrots in your garden - in a partially submerged 2 liter soda bottle with the bottom cut off, enabling the kids to watch the roots & tops grow at the same time. and to see the carrots develop.

2-liter bottle of water in roof provides as much light as 50-watt light bulb. Saw a tv program about this and how people were introducing it to natives in poor countries who dont have electricity and can't  afford solar since they live in shacks with thin roofs this was a perfect solution  Ingenious! I will be trying this if i ever have a garden shed and/or chicken coop.

2 Liter Bottles of Light provide as much light as a 50 watt light globe. The slums of the Philippines are getting an extreme home makeover in the form of two liter bottles in their ceilings. The bott (Bottle Lights Ceiling)

Upcycle 2-liter bottles into beads....AWESOME

Let’s make beads {for free!}

* Plastic bottle beads (DIY) - strips cut from water bottles, colored with permanent marker, curled around needle nose pliers, and heated with an embossing gun.

Great to make each girl a princess for a Princess Party  Up cycling a 2liter bottle into a crown! My little one loves crowns! I'm just not sure I could do the glitter glue part and make it look good

crystal crowns

Corona di cristallo per principesse! - Crystal Crown craft for the feast of the Queenship of Mary, August All you need is some glitter glue and plastic soda pop bottles!

Self watering recycled plant pot for growing herbs and flowers  --To think I just spent $19.50 on something like this from Tupperware . . . Will have to get my hands on some 2-liter bottles and make a couple of these for my herbs.

Self Watering Recycled Plant Pot for Growing Herbs and Flowers

Recycle a 2 liter bottles to make a small hothouse. Brilliant!

Spring Craft Ideas Easy & Fun Spring Crafts and Projects are simple for kids and adults inspired by color and flowers. Spring Craft Ideas Easy & Fun Spring Crafts and Projects puts them in the mood .

Green house rook from recycled 2 liter bottles

Como Fazer TELHAS Feitos Com Garrafa Pet (Cobrir Pequenos Telhados)

Greenhouse roof made from plastic soda bottles! I love the recycling benefits

Awesome. I am not a fan of carving pumpkins. Plus we always have 2 liter bottles. Upcycle. Yay!

plastic pumpkin luminaries from soda bottles (that's "pop" bottles for you midwesterners)

From Instructables, the DIY for 2 liter recycled bottle sub-irrigated planters.  These could probably slip unnoticed right inside a normal pot just a bit bigger.  And think of the emotional turmoil it would save if you were out of town for a weekend!

Self Watering Recycled Plant Pot for Growing Herbs and Flowers

Inspired by bbullet's Self-watering recycled vase instructable, this is the method that I have been using to make dozens of self-watering recycled planters. Thanks, bbullet!

Amazing way to recycle those 2 liter bottles! Great job Crissy!

Plastic bottle crafts for kids, preschoolers and adults. Craft project ideas using water and liter bottles. How to make crafts using plastic bottles. Recycle ideas for children. Make flowers, jewelry.

Beads made from 2 liter plastic bottles.

Recycled Plastic Beads: 2 liter plastic bottles Cut strips of plastic Color with a Sharpie Wrap around pliers Melt with Heat Gun/Hair Dryer. Perfect for dollhouse bottles!

A great way to recycle 2 liter bottles.

The Best DIY and Decor Place For You: This is urban garden Soda bottles or milk jugs

Recycled Aquaponic System: 2 Liter-Bottle Recycled Aquaponic System

This is a simple activity using mainly recycled materials for students to create mini aquaponics systems

Self watering seed starters  2 liter bottles

How To Make Self-watering Seed Starter Pots. We are excited to share with you this recycling project. It is truly green and fun. You do not only recycle those plastic water bottles, but also make self-watering seed starter pots for you to start your herb