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Some adorable baby Panda Images. Got to love Panda’s. Newborn Panda’s are super small. About 3 to 5 ounces when they are born. Pandas are born born pink, and covered in short white hairs. It Its eyes are shut tightly and it cries very loudly and often.

Carrie Mcknelly

I have always loved birds.of all kinds. But the wild, birds of prey are simply elegant. Nothing compares to their magnificence and beauty. Add to that their ability to fly and you truly have God's perfect creature.

Sandra Bullock has ALWAYS been my favorite actress. When I first started reading the In Death series, I was convinced that Nora had Sandra Bullock in mind when she created Eve. Her coloring is right, her chin is perfect and she's got the body that I imagine Eve would have. She's my number ONE pick and she could TOTALLY nail Eve's personality on screen.

My role model seriously! Sandra Bullock is pretty much the whole package. She is funny, beautiful, and very classy. She handled the controversy with her failed marriage really well and has remained a strong force to be reckoned with.


Take a look at the 15 easy polka dot summer nail art ideas to get inspiration in the photos below and get ideas for your own amazing manicures! Cute polka dots 🙂 pink and gray nails Image source