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Easter Screen - EMPTY

I do not know the designer of this piece, it was posted on a graphic design website for churches. I love how the designer used the type to evoke the shape of the mountain and empty tomb while still maintaining a very clean and simple silhouette.

The Garden Tomb. One of my favorite places in the Holy Land

The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem -- believed by many to be the garden and sepulchre of Joseph of Arimathea, and therefore a possible site of the resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus' resurrection - Matthew 12: 40 For just as Jo′nah was in the belly of the huge fish for three days and three nights, so the Son of man will be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights" - - - Who was controlling the universe during that time??? Acts 2:24 "But God resurrected him by releasing him from the pangs of death"

Happy Feast of the Resurrection of Christ! To Christians around the globe, the resurrection of Christ is a higher feast than the nativity or the Birth of Christ (Christmas). The resurrection of Christ is a movable feast called Easter which