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Cheer Drills for Flyers
Inversion Drill for Flyers | Cheer Drills | Cheerleading Tips 💓
a woman laying on top of a blue mat with the words make your heel stretches more flexible and stable in the air
3 Drills To Make Your Heel Stretches More Flexible & Stable In The Air! (Sam Thomas)
a woman doing the back bend exercise
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Daily Cheerleading Stretch & Strength Routine! // Get flexible and strong FAST!
a cheerleader jumping in the air with text overlay that reads, 5 cheerleadering stretches for imppoving tumbling
5 Essential Stretches For Cheerleaders To Improve Tumbling Skills
Today, I’m sharing 5 essential stretches to help you improve your tumbling as a cheerleader. Taking the time to stretch regularly will not only increase your flexibility but help you jump higher and improve your tumbling. I’ll cover back stretches to help with handsprings and walkovers, as well as shoulder stretches to keep your muscles loose and allow you to support your body when tumbling. Tap or click to learn more!
three women doing aerial acrobatics with the words how to keep your balance in the air
Cheer - How To Keep Your Balance In Stunts! - Tips And Drills For Flyers
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a blue wall with the words, flyer stretching episode 20
Flyer Stretching | Episode 20 | Gabi Butler Cheer
a woman doing the proper way to do an acrobatic dance move with her arms and legs
a r i e l
a woman climbing up the side of a wall with text above her reading bow and arrow strength 1 go into a split 2 lean forward 4 grab your foot with the opposite hand
Stretching tips More
the cheerleaders are posing in their cheer outfits for this advertisement
Cheerleading Stretching for INSANE Flexibility!