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the bible's daily reading challenge is shown in blue and green with text that reads,
Everything Beautiful Bible Reading Challenge
a drawing of different items that are labeled
“The Need for Putting on God’s Complete Set of Spiritual Armor” 4/07/2017 Written by bruce r. mills for “God’s group”
the july calendar is filled with stars
The True Definition of What It Means to be Free
a pink and white poster with the words bible journal challenge on it, next to a bowl of food
Dear Bold Believer by Chellbee
Bible Plans, 20 November
From Hurting to Healing May Topical Bible Reading Challenge
a pink poster with hearts on it and the words february written in cursive writing
February Scripture Writing
the bible says what the bible says about money, and it is written in yellow
Woman of Noble Character
the march bible reading plan with pink flowers
10 Bible Verses for When You Need the Peace of God
a blue and white floral themed printable with the words repentance & renewal
Coming soon! - The Ruffled Mango
the words and numbers on this printable bible verse
Purposeful Pause Bible Reading Plan & Journal Challenge
the book study pages are open and ready to be read
Book of Mormon Study Pages Coincides with Come, Follow Me - Alma 13-16 Study and Activity Pages