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an award medal with a blue ribbon around it and the words making written on it
Design | Garbett Design
The idea of using line and points to communicate a word or message appeals to me because of the creativity.
an envelope and tags with the number eight printed on them
FPO: Brooke & Ryan Wedding Invitation
Minimalistic design concept
an acne studio label on a white shirt
Trouvé sur imnanilim (****LUNA ****)
Trouvé sur imnanilim
two tags with the words antler and hello written on them are hanging from strings
The Best in Swing Tag Design: Gallery & Inspiration — BP&O
Antler by Mammal, United Kingdom. #swingtag #design #branding
a white business card with a black strap hanging from it's side on a gray background
Sigrid Stöckl - Extended Collection
Sigrid Stöckl - Extended Collection on Behance