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we all fade away eventually … what, if anything, will you leave behind? #change #innovate #create

A headless man by Bernard Handick.


Psycho, psychoville, and black and white εικόνα

valentina alatorre, the angel black note.

Looks perfectos para ir al trabajo durante esta primavera 2016. Moda en la calle. Looks perfectos para las transiciones de primavera a verano...

black plaid trousers with black top

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Lia in her dress the night of Candlemas. He swallowed hard, Golden eyes sparking with life. "You are death in black fabric, my soon to be Lady of Oreilia.

Skeletal jacket detail with artful cut & twist structure; creative fashion; fabric manipulation // Dion Lee

cassi van den dungen for dion lee woolmark collection 2013

Superstition has hurt pure black cats for so many years. They were and still called evil and associated with witches. It is unfair to hurt an animal because they do not know what evil means. An animal needs love just like any other animal. Black is a color and it means many things to different people. Take it out on a pure black animal is unfair. A color is still just a color. Meanings can change, but animals can not. Neonwoman

* * When you photograph animals in color; you get the color of their fur. When you photograph them in black and white' you get the color of their souls.

- Description Details: Black six panel cap with 'babygirl' embroidery &…

Description Details: Black six panel cap with 'babygirl' embroidery & adjustable back with tri-glide buckle.All accessories are final sale. Sizing: Adjustable, 2 x 4 Machine wash cold

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Black on Black - Fashion Gone Rogue

<p>Shot by Paul Jung and styled by Jessica Willis, these images are part of a black-and-white editorial for Suited magazinefeaturing four South Sudanese models, Atong Arjok, Mari Malek, Mari Agory, and Nykhor Paul. While only two are depicted here, the conceptual quality of the photographs can be noted in the striking detail. The message behind […]</p>

Paul Jung for Suited Magazine. Styled by Jessica Willis. Models Atong Arjok, Mari Malek, Mari Agory, and Nykhor Paul (all South Sudanese).