Gallery of Arthouse / Pominchuk Architects - 13

Gallery of Arthouse / Pominchuk Architects - 13

ideetje voor leeshoek op 1.5de verdiep?

HAMMOCK BED LOFT 14 Inspirational Bedroom Ideas For Teenagers // This large bedroom has it all - a space just for sleeping, a desk area for studying, and a suspended netted area perfect for reading in.

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Grey walls and black furniture , wall with a favorite hero and details in colors will be right choice for every teenager.Small but practical place for reading,sleeping or playing guitar.

This is my new wall clock for my living room with hands that really work. I used black and white photos, black frames from ikea, clock hands from ebay, and a vinyl quote i ordered from a website. It's 36" diameter.

Going to do this with vintage family b&w photos to signify the passage of time, and no lettering.

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Patterns of Light

Foto: Chandelier Turns a Room into a Forest Different lighting can completely change the look and feel of a room. Chandelier is a beautifully designed bundle of white tangled branches, casting shadows on the walls that look like forest trees.

That way they can make a gift for someone or give their rooms a little splash!

Toddler Art Lay masking tape on some canvases, and let your toddler go to town with colorful paint. When you strip off the tape, you'll have a lasting piece of art celebrating your toddler's creativity!

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