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a group of men standing next to each other on top of a boat
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信長の野望シリーズ(公式)@最新作『信長の野望・新生WPK』好評発売中! (@nobunaga_kt) on X
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明日発売「信長の野望・大志」の新規武将イラスト126枚を一挙掲載。天下取りに挑む者たちの面構えをご覧あれ - 4Gamer.net
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Hida Togeriso
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Muneyoshi Yagyū
Muneyoshi Yagyū is one of the famous swordsmen of the Sengoku era. He is known for mastering the fighting style called Shinkage-ryū which he passed on to his son Munenori Yagyū, who in turn made it the official fighting style of the Tokugawa Shogunate. 1 Role in Games 2 Voice Actors 3 Historical Information 4 Gallery Muneyoshi appears in Kessen III in chapter eight at the Punishment of Matsunaga, fighting for his liege. He can be, however, convinced to change sides and join Nobunaga if he is ...
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Asian Guys With Long Hair
whycantallmenbeasian: Shota Matsuda as Seijuro Yoshioka ( in the TV movie Miyamoto Musashi)