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a man and woman sitting at a kitchen table with food in front of them on a cutting board
424K views · 7.6K reactions | Green onion, onion rings! | Alicia Aucoin | Alicia Aucoin · Original audio
This is insane! #food #cooking #snack #hack
This is insane! #food #cooking #snack #hack
Healthy Snacks RAVIOLI BITES 🤤
RAVIOLI BITES 🤤 Credit: @ketosnackz Ingredients: Shredded mozzarella Ragu (marinara sauce & ground beef, cooked) Seasonings of your choice Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 400F. 2. Combine all ingredients into a muffin tin adding mozzarella first & last. 3. Bake for 20 minutes. 4. Take out, let cool until they harden & enjoy!
a man holding a jar of peanut butter next to a pizza on a cutting board
@NickDiGiovanni was right about this one!! #food #cooking #dinnershow
a man and woman are looking at the camera with their mouths wide open as they look surprised
Homemade cheez-it’s! Cc: @emilyxlevi | Instagram
a toaster oven sitting on top of a counter with an electronic screen showing the time
Check out what I found on Amazon! #ShopByInterest
a man and woman are looking at the camera while they eat desserts from bowls
Alicia Aucoin | Crispy gnocchi 🤤🤤 cc: @seasalt_daydreams | Instagram
a woman holding up a piece of pizza in front of her face and smiling at the camera
there are many small pastries in the muffin pan
My Sisters new favorite snack! | My Sisters new favorite snack! | By Brain Food | Alright, that was my dinner rolls. They are a swirl. Some new variety that I think Pillsbury is making now and they come in these really long strips. So, we're going to do is you pull them apart and you wrap them around your fingers like that and you shove them in the center. That one that was closest to the center. You just push on the bottom and you kind of gave yourself a little bit of a rose petal almost. We're going to do that in a of these quickly as you can but you guys can take your time. I'm just going to run through em. Alright and this is my final one rolled up. And then push the center down and there we go. So now we're going to keep moving on. I've got some ricotta cheese. We're going to take a little bit of this. Just right in the center of each one of these. We're going to be stuffing these bad boys. You want to make sure to leave enough room for all of our ingredients. That's why I'm kind of putting it on one side here. Just to make sure I have enough room. We can always go back in and fill it with more cheese. But like I said we're adding a bunch here so I'm not sure we're even going to have room by the time we're done. And I've got some cream cheese as well. Cuz who doesn't love all the cheeses? This one I'm just going to kind of soften a bit by going over with my spoon. You can use the whipped one if it makes it your life easier. Probably would and we're going to do the same thing just kind of on an opposite corner little bit each. One, I'm going to use my finger for some of it just because it's hard to get it off the spoon. Perfect. Gloss is just myself and some friends eating these. It's not going to no Michelin Star restaurant so fingers are fine here. Few more left and looks like just a little bit more cheese right in there. Perfect. Next, I have these meatballs. These are already precooked so you don't gotta worry about them cooking fully. One of these right in the center. You really want to push that in there. Gonna squish some of that cheese down into the center. Now, these are turkey meatballs. I prefer turkey and beef. I'm not a huge fan of pork when it comes to it being like ground for some reason. I don't know. I'm a big texture person. So, I got the turkey you guys can use beef. You guys can make your own if you want to as well. I'm just doing it this way because it's nice and easy. And of course we got some spaghetti sauce. This is Yo Mama's. I've never had it before but it says Yo Mama's. How am I not going to buy it? Take a little bit of this. And we're going right over the top. Kinda be careful. Make sure you get it in the center. Try not to overfill them. I know I keep saying that and we keep adding more ingredients. But that's how we're doing it. You do want a nice big bite of all the yummy ingredients when you do it but we're trying not to make it go everywhere. I'm wearing white. I'm not trying to have this drip down my shirt. Few more left. This sauce smells amazing too actually. Usually you don't get the fragrance of a sauce when you just open it of a jar. Alright. I also have some Italian herb seasoning. This is a grinder. Just right over the top. Just in case anything is missing any kind of flavor not that it should be. We added a bunch but you can never go wrong with seasoning and adding a little bit more of Italian. This looks like it has some thyme, some parsley, basil, all up in here. Super nice. Now, real quick, I'm going to move this over to the side. I'm going to bring my provolone. This. We're going to kind of stack a few of these together. These are a bit too big for my pan. So, I do want to make sure that I don't burn everything. I got this cool little cutter. We're just going to push on down. Awesome. Pop that on out and do the same with the rest of them. And you're going to see that these are going to fit perfectly on top of our yummy meatballs. Awesome. And we got these back. And like I said this is going to be your perfect size now. Look at that. Right over the top if you hadn't cut them. They would have been a little bit too big. You would have gotten a bunch of cheese melted on your pan. Maybe ruined it. This way they're going to melt down into those little cups and kind of seal everything off as well. It would be super yummy. And it came with 12 slices and there are 12 little spots. So I think that that was meant to be. Oh right and that is it. We're heading to the oven at 375 for 25 minutes. Look at how good these look. I actually love that they were twisted. Make some look super pretty that way. Alright, let's get one of these out of here. Oh look how good that came out. Grab a plate here and just right over the top. Alright, let's bite into it but first, look how cute that bottom is. Okay, here we go. And that's cooked perfectly.
fried onion rings on a plate with dipping sauce
a white plate topped with meatballs and dipping sauce
some fried food on a white plate with dip
An Amish mate of mine swung by with these chaps at our potluck and they were a smash hit!
close up view of fried tater tots
My Texas friend shared this recipe for me, and holy moly, I didn’t expect how good it turned out! Making it again next wek!
My Texas friend shared this recipe for me, and holy moly, I didn’t expect how good it turned out! Making it again next wek! – TheirSearches
some onion rings on a plate next to two glasses of beer
Big Fat Onion Rings
a woman is holding a piece of food in her hand
(25)#sausageinablanket #superbowlsnacks #superbowlrecipe #partyfood #party... | TikTok
(25)#sausageinablanket #superbowlsnacks #superbowlrecipe #partyfood #party... | TikTok