Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

birthday party games lego party Halloween Party Ideas - Clean and Scentsible Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Great idea for a Party!

I found the blend of cool colors as well as the texture really aesthetically pleasing that caught my eye.

artist Lionel Smit - Born in Pretoria (South-Africa) in Smit lives and works in Cape Town and is known for his large canvasses and unique sculptures and has been exhibiting locally and internationally for nearly 10 years.

Life Casting: Making a Mold of Your Face with Reinforced Alginate

In this lifecasting tutorial video we demonstrate making a mold of a face with alginate. Alja-Safe® Acrobat® is a fiber reinforced "non-sag" version of origi.

How to Make a Life Cast of a Face/Head - Instructables

How to Life Cast

Life Casting As part of my graduate studies at UNC School of the Arts, I have to publicly publish part of my thesis. I chose to research mold making and casting for.

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