Great Hair Color Ideas

Looking for a hair change but still not sure about cutting it? Simple, just change your color! New color, new you, and oh, these are all so pretty.
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woman wearing green sleeve with her icy gray hair with curtain bangs hairstyles Hair Beauty, Ideas, Fringes, Balayage, Hue, Icy Hair, Great Hair, Curtain Bangs, Bangs
50 Flattering Silver Hair Color Ideas
Vanilla ice has nothing on this icy hair color look. In the photo above they gave her an all-over coverage look with a light hue and added curtain bangs on the sides.
A woman wearing cap with her blue ombre hairstyles Pastel Hair, Ombre, Blue Ombre Hair, Galaxy Hair Color, Galaxy Hair, Brown Ombre Hair, Hair Color Blue, Cool Hair Color
40 Gorgeous Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Style
Baseball cap included, this look is gorgeous. It’s a combination of neon-photo blue with light indigo and just a touch of purple here and there. Keep the eye makeup to a minimum but go for a striking lip.
A woman wearing salon cape with her blue highlights hair Long Hair Styles, Hair Styles, Chunky Highlights, Highlights, Blue Highlights, Hair Starting, Her Hair
50 Flattering Blue Highlights Ideas to Try
If you are looking to add in some face-framing highlights, this would be a wonderful style for you to try out. They went with big chunky highlights that faded in perfectly down her hair starting at the top.
A woman wearing knitted top and black jacket with her blended orange hairstyle Casual, Hairstyle, New Hair, New Color, Burnt Orange, Color
50 Awesome Orange Hair Color Ideas for Women
Hot orange and chocolate-colored hair blends are lovely to make anyone stand out gracefully. The best thing is it works for both casual wear and party wear.
A woman with tattoos and her shag rainbow hairut Different Hairstyles, Peekaboo, Face, Pretty
50 Beautiful Rainbow Hairstyles for Women
Rainbow strip coloring works so well for a confident appearance when strips are wide. The green hair framing the face contributes to confidence and makes the person look progressive, open, and calm.
A woman wearing a rusty sleeves with her green hair with wispy bangs Green Eyes, Short Hair Styles, Green Hair Colors, Cool Skin Tone
50 Best Green Hair Hairstyle Ideas for Women
Cool skin tones look best with hair that is deep forest greenish on the bottom and greenish-cyan on the top. It draws attention to the color variety in green eyes and enhances their attractiveness.
A woman with white top and shirt wearing mask and her turquoise hair highlights Turquoise, Short Hair, Turquoise Hair Color, Shades Of Turquoise
50 Attractive Turquoise Hair Color Ideas for Women
A pretty girlish hairstyle is one with airy bangs and side facial hair on short hair that is sweetly stacked. The greatest skin tone for this ash-black hair is one with cerulean turquoise hair.
A woman wearing off shoulder white in color with her grey and white braided hair Haar, Capelli, Peinados, Cortes De Cabello Corto, Coiffure Facile, Updo
70 Stunning Gray Hair Color Ideas to Try
Here is a wonderful illustration of white and gray hair that has been perfectly and intricately braided. It can appear casual, stylish, and boho when dressed appropriately. It's perfect for a fun pajama party or a weekend at the beach.
A woman wearing shirt with her balayage short hair Gaya Rambut, Blond, Blonde, Bob
45 Creative Ideas for Balayage Short Hair to Try
Let's look at some brunette balayage short hair options. If you need a distinctive look for Christmas day or your business holiday party, this soft brunette will be ideal. It contains a couple eggnog moments that will keep you in the Christmas spirit.
A woman with dark rooted pastel pink hairstyles, wearing black shirt Pink, Pastel, Curls, Pixie Cut, Straight Hairstyles
50 Beautiful Pastel Pink Hairstyle Ideas for Women
Dark-rooted hair with pink hair is glamorous. It is versatile enough to suit almost all skin tones.
A woman wearing stripe shirt with her peekaboo highlights hair Brown Hair With Highlights, Peekaboo Highlights, Natural, Brown
50 Trendy Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair
It looks quite natural when the highlights are kept to a minimum. Any time of year would be lovely for this brown tone.
A woman wearing with her top with her pastel hair colors Popular, Platinum Blonde
50 Stunning Pastel Haircolor Ideas for Women
Another gorgeous popular hairstyle is the purple bob with the softer ends and the softer bouncier bang. The color lavender looks good with fair skin.
A woman wearing grey top with her galaxy hair color Pin Up, Waves, Different Hair Types
50 Elegant Galaxy Hair Color Ideas for Women
A simple hairstyle would be dusty galactic hair with chunky highlights and waves. For edgy street fashion vibes, it works best.
A woman wearing a black shirt on his back's view you can see her midnight blue hairstyle Brunette Hair, Midnight Blue Hair, Dark Brunette Hair, Dark Brunette, Brunette
50 Stunning Blue Hair Color Ideas
These are the first of several darker blue colors that we'll be discussing about in this list because we've already mentioned them. It nearly looks as though very dark brunette hair is being highlighted in the proper way, producing waves, with this bold yet elegant midnight blue hair color.
A woman wearing white and black stripes top with her inky shade of purple blue hair Dyed Hair, Balayage Hair, Faded Hair Color, Hair Color Shades, Hair Color Purple, Faded Hair, Bold Hair Color
50 Gorgeous Purple Hair Color Ideas Trending
This wonderful lady's favorite hue of purple hair is ink. She also has a long bob with eggplant dark roots, indigo tips, and incredibly gentle beach waves. Don't wear too much makeup for this one.
A woman who is topless on her fandango plum hairstyle Plum Hair, Plum, Trending, Magenta
50 Trending Plum Hair Color Ideas to Try
Here’s a cool fact: the word fandango means a Spanish courtship dance to a lively song played by a guitar. They usually have a tambourine or castanets.
A woman wearing black turtle halter top showing off her long red ombre hair Hair Colours, Multi Colored Hair, Red Ombre Hair, Vibrant Hair Colors, Vivid Hair Color
40 Hottest Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Try
These colors in the model's hair make her look like a living, breathing painting. She has bright tequila orange in the middle, cartoon yellow at the bottom, and neon pink at head level. Her brows are an all-natural shade.
Miley Cyrus wearing an elegant sexy black top on her beach waves short ombre hair Long Bob, Blonde Ombre Bob, Blonde Pixie, Brown To Blonde Ombre, Blonde Ombre
45 Superbly Diverse Short Hair Ombre Ideas
Miley used to have a long bob and sweetheart curls back when she was still able to be "tamed." Also, she had ombre hair, which progressed from naturally dark brown hair to wet sand blonde.
A woman wearing a yellow shirt having a side view to see her bob burgundy hair color Hair Color Burgundy, Burgundy Hair, Short Burgundy Hair, Hair Cuts
50 Stunning Short Burgundy Hair Color Ideas Chic
Ask your hairdresser to give your hair this lovely red tint after your next bob haircut. They added chunky highlights to the image above, and it looks fantastic.
Anna wearing a see through black top with her wavy auburn hairstyle Auburn Hair, Blue Eyes, Hair Color Auburn, Auburn, Fiery Red
60 Outstanding Auburn Hair Color Ideas for Women
The tiny Oscar contender has a gorgeous face. This stunning highlighted auburn hair color simply brings to life her big smile, blue eyes, and lengthened facial bone structure.
Emma is smiling and she is in her burgundy hairstyles Blonde Hair, Burgundy Hair With Highlights, Burgundy Hair Ombre, Dark Burgundy Hair, Red Hair Color
35 Flattering Burgundy Hair Color Ideas to Try
Emma is another Hollywood beauty who has displayed every red hair color imaginable. She looks stunning no matter what color she is wearing, it should be said.
A woman wearing grey top and in her messy red hairstyles Redheads, Red Hair, Shades Of Red Hair, Shades Of Red, Redhead, Shades, Classic Shades
60 Shades of Red Hair that Look Great on Everyone
This classic shade of red radiates style-forward elegance and charm. Who needs more hair styling when their hair is this gorgeous?
A woman wearing grey 3/4 crop top showing off her layered teal hair color Inspiration, Teal Hair Color, Teal Hair, Blue Tips, Cool Hairstyles
50 Teal Hair Color Ideas Trending
One of the coolest hair colors we've ever seen, thanks to an amazing source of inspiration. This trinity of colors starts at the roots with dark cobalt, moves through frosty teal, and finishes with inky blue tips.
A woman wearing a black off shoulder top with her long gray curly hair Ash Grey, Grey Ombre Hair, Grey Hair, Dark Grey Hair
70 Stunning Gray Hair Color Ideas to Try
You can always try the dark gray hair ombre look if you don't think you can commit to a completely gray hair or if it is too much of a change all at once. Make the gray shine out by highlighting it with your curling iron.
A woman wearing black shirt with her green hair hairstyles Hairstyles For Thin Hair, Shades Of Green
50 Best Green Hair Hairstyle Ideas for Women
Fair skin tones look gorgeous with deep forest green hairstyles. Curls and the layered cut are perfect for giving thin hair volume.
A woman inside a salon wearing black salon cape getting her summer hairstyles done Summer, Hair Color For Women, Hair Color Trends, Women
50 Best Summer Hair Colors for Women
Every skin tone looks fantastic with the golden brown ends on the tortilla, natural color hair. The key to achieving an airy, beautiful hairstyle is to let just few wispy layers free.
A woman wearing spooky make up and clown outfit while on her rainbow hair color Halloween Hair
50 Beautiful Rainbow Hairstyles for Women
A rainbow hairstyle is the best choice for someone whose Halloween costume is pumpkin-themed. Anyone can become well-known with this Halloween hairstyle, which combines bangs made of orange, yellow, and green with brown, orange, and blue hair on the back.
A woman wearing black printed shirt while smiling and being happy with her orange hair color
50 Awesome Orange Hair Color Ideas for Women
Split dye looks more creative than anyone could have imagined. There is an appealing contrast between the pastel pumpkin orange hair and the half-blonde money piece. This hairstyle creates the impression that the wearer enjoys exploring.
A woman wearing a winter pink top with her mermaid hair color Vintage, Hair Piece, Plaits, Mermaid Hair, Hair Pieces, Hairdo
40 Gorgeous Mermaid Hairstyles to Try
Mermaid hair does not always have to reach the waist. With a long bob, for instance, you can achieve the same amazing result. To make the haircut appear more enchanted and vintage, add a few very little, straightforward braids.
A woman wearing black top with her make up and two toned hairstyles Crochet Braids, Dreadlocks, Natural White Hair, Honey Blonde
50 Trendiest Two Tone Hair Color Ideas
One clever way to wear the two-tone trend is to dye your hair one color rather than two. This implies that you can leave one portion of your hair its natural color while choosing a different shade for the other.