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I've decided to draw one sketch of Disney or movie/TV character every day from Monday to Sunday (I accept your suggestions ^^). I already had Snow White week, and most of you suggested to draw Bell.

Warrior Princesses

Warrior Princesses >>> Apparently Jasmine grew an extra finger? How else could she hold 5 blades in the 4 spaces between her 5 fingers?

Animal Avengers 14 by Mushstone on DeviantArt

Animal Avengers 14 by Mushstone on DeviantArt! Wanda always looked a little like Sherlock ;

Clothing Designs - Avengers Loki Dress by ~BakaNekoSango on deviantART

Female Loki costume idea - Not so much the dressy/skirt idea but I've always love the style of Loki's shirt. If I could do this with pants,honestly I'd love to cosplay as a female Loki :)