Ilustração da artista brasileira Brunna Mancuso;

Força feminina, botânica e formas orgânicas. Conheça as incríveis ilustrações de Brunna Mancuso

Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele: title unknown [hands clasping another's waist], Line drawing, ink…

Beautiful Us - aitch

Today I bring you the work of Romanian based artist and illustrator Aitch. Aitch’s work is inspired by her travels, naturalistic illustrations, Naive art, legends, and folklore from around the work. Below are some of my favorite works of hers.

Alice_in_Wonderland alice_ (país de las maravillas) sillón blonde_hair conejito tarjetas cheshire_cat reloj crossed_legs taza flor hairband highres instrumento long_hair mary_janes hongo pensamiento pink_rose playing_card rosa zapatos sentado tanukiudon-umai trompeta taza de té

Gelbooru- alice (wonderland) alice in wonderland blonde hair bunny cards cheshire cat clock cup flower hairband highres instrument legs crossed long hair mary janes mushroom playing cards shoes sitting tanukiudon-umai teacup trumpet / 1054429 on we heart