Arte feita por <a href="">@pinkbecker</a>!  Quais são os sentimentos que fazem parte da sua vida? Da nossa é

Use heart, hoof print, triskele, and CA poppy

Hamsa, in love with the meaning ♥️

Hamsa is an amulet that helps banish evil or any negative energy. It brings happiness, luck and good fortune to its owners.

Dream catcher tattoo

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Dream catcher tattoo Dreams can come true, you just need to make them happen. Live your dream.

Blackwork mandala tattoo by Cats at 2Spirit Tattoo in San Francisco CA - Imgur

Want a tattoo of the energy symbol behind my ear- reminds me that energy flows through everything. Its what keeps us going and what causes the amazing things in this world that happen.= I want the om or 'aum' tattoo

mandala tattoo artists | Black and white Mandala tattoo

Geometric sun tattoo idea would love this in memory of my mummy she loved her holidays an the sun.


ૐ Ganesha ૐ Diseño de Ganesha simple. would look beautiful out of rangoli colors

Marta Lipinski. Naturescape tattoo

Dainty pastel flora on the forearm by Marta Lipinski

Ideias de tatuagens para quem ama a natureza.

Inspire-se: ideias de tatuagens para quem ama vida selvagem

Cheyenne is a talented tattoo artist and illustrator in Strasbourg, France that creates beautiful tattoos that exhibit a wild and natural spirit. The artist is inspired by Native American culture and wildlife, though she.

I absolutely love this.. dreamcatcher tattoo down back

dream catcher, full back tattoo.i always wanted a dream catcher tatt.

Cool design within a nice concept. Creates depth and makes you want to look at it for an extended period of time

Oen Hammonds' poster from our first Austin show in

Yin Yang - Fantasy pictures and fantasy images Dragon

This would make a pretty shoulder tatoo

Clara Benatti  - Conheça as Tattooistas, um grupo de tatuadoras brasileiras apaixonadas pela arte em todas as suas formas;

As Tattooistas e o empoderamento feminino na tatuagem. Conheça as mulheres incríveis que dão vida à este coletivo brasileiro

Like the fading part

Ying & Yang, this would be a pretty wicked tattoo!

Yoga is to Running as yin is to yang. Good yoga poses that benefit runners.

Interesting idea for a tattoo

Artista francesa faz tatuagens inspiradas na natureza.

Inspire-se: ideias de tatuagens para quem ama vida selvagem

Cheyenne - tattoo artist and illustrator in Strasbourg, France


I'd never put this on my arm, but it's really cute! (says the girl with a bike tat on her back)