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ハーダンガー刺繍の楽しみ My Hardanger embroidery,bordado,broderie,ricamo,stickerei

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This is a lesson on the fan filling in Punto Antico embroidery. It is a supplement to the written instructions on my website, in the

Greek Inspired #1 - Tapestry Crochet Pattern. Find this free pattern and at

This tapestry crochet pattern with Grecian design elements is both challenging and rewarding. It’s like crocheting your way through a maze that only ends when…

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I could never get as complicated as the picture on VISIT but this is the edging I remember learning.

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Though I come up with my own personalized name patterns, this reminds me of what I'm doing for my loved ones this Christmas. Hoping they enjoy my cross stitching!

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What a great piece done in white hardanger and drawn thread