19 Little Hacks That Will Make Parenting So Much Easier. These are such good ideas!

34 Little Hacks That Will Make Parenting So Much Easier

Everyday tips- some are weird (like the cargo pants one. Yea, really can't see you in cargo pants) but most of these are pretty good ideas.

Cozinhe folhas grossas em uma mistura de bicarbonato de sódio. Ela deve deixar…

Simmer thick leaves in a baking soda mixture. It should leave behind the skeleton of the leaf which you can then lightly paint or dye. Or you could always just buy some skeleton leaves in craft shop;

como faz pra ser tão organizada? meu sonho

MY DREAM Craft room. When we move into a house with a basement, I think I will make half of it into my craft/art room. this is fabulous!


Coffee bean make up brush holder - it also doubles as a coffee bean room air freshener. I nice little wake me up! You could also use things like dried beans, marbles, rice, or mini crystals.

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30 Day Booty Challenge - start today! Mud run prep, bikini workout, booty workout, 30 day chalalenge

30 Day Butt Challenge with Sweat Like A Girl and Dirty Girl Mud Run - get bikini ready, workout for all fitness levels

I like the high shelf above the bed. Still gives you a place to keeps things while still allowing you to sit up in bed to read and such. Plus I imagine that having to actually sit up to turn off an alarm would help you wake up in the morning.

Family Rules and House Motto Board - Home Decor wood sign with vinyl lettering

printed--Family Rules and House Motto Board - Home Decor wood sign with vinyl lettering

O quarto de ANTONIA, bebê, já fez sucesso no NaToca. Agora, com 3 anos, ganhou uma nova decoração feita pelos pais, com cama de dossel e muita cor (verde).

Quarto verde de menina

This room oozes colour, character and fun. The bright pops look great against the deep turquoise walls!