estructura móvil basada en el movimiento a partir de un eje el cual hace que todo se transforme según el uso

Transforming Chair Lets You Rest In Different Positions For Maximum Comfort./ It can penetrate each part. Because each part are composed of long wood sticks.

Excelente idea de silla

adjustable back rest bench - cool idea! French designer and cabinetmaker Chloe de la Chaise created a limited-edition series of fifty of these benches, produced with options including chestnut, oak, robinia-acacia and moabi.

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Coffee Bench by BEYOND Studio: smart design . a flexible bench/table for the deck or yard - smart!

movimento meccanico/flessibilità ergonomica avvitamenti carlo contin

gregmelander: SCREW STOOL Such a simple and beautiful design by carlo contin for subalterno

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/ The amazing furniture works of Bae Se-hwa, - As You Want/Couple Chair is a tidy, clever piece of multifunctional furniture.

What a beautiful chair!

Hans Wegner’s Valet Chair was designed to hang up and store each piece of a man’s suit. Complete with a coat hanger shaped backrest, pants can be hung on a rail at the edge of the seat and everything else can be stowed in a storage space underneath