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a man sitting on some steps smiling for the camera
a young man with blonde hair wearing a black shirt
multiple photos of a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes, all in black
on film
a black and white photo of a man holding a guitar case on the sidewalk with his hands
Heath Ledger ✨
a young man is holding a beer and posing for a photo with his back to the camera
heath ledger
a young man sitting on top of a bed
Beautiful, Ned Kelly, Joker Cosplay, Forever, Hollywood
a young man with long hair wearing a blue shirt and pearls on his neck is looking at the camera
two people in the back seat of a car
heath ledger on set of 10 things i hate about you
a man and woman are looking at their reflection in the mirror
a young man sitting on the floor smiling
Heath Ledger by bsasserdaughtridge - #BeFunky
black and white photograph of a man holding a rose in his right hand while looking at the camera
a man laying on the floor with his hands behind his head and looking at the camera
Film Aesthetic, Heartthrob, Just Beautiful Men, Favs, Pretty People