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a black and white bear with roses tattoo on his leg, done by the artist
Neo traditional bear by Melanie @ Dark Matter Tattoos, Orange Park, FL
an owl surrounded by birds in the sky
Схемы вышивки крестом / ВЫШИВАЙ.com - Вышивка крестом
an artistic painting with birds and flowers in the center, surrounded by other art work
HIGH&DRYs - Rural Drift (improvised jam)
a painting of two cats and an eagle with feathers on their head, surrounded by other animals
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an artistic painting with angels and other things in the sky, including two faces on one side
Arc of Grace — Krystleyez
an animal that is standing on its hind legs with feathers and flowers around it's neck
Journeying Spirit (Mountain Lion)
an image of a person surrounded by many different things in the sky and on top of them
Meditação na Bruxaria | Wicca & Bruxaria Amino