This is beautiful !

I've decided to draw one sketch of Disney o movie/TV character every day from Monday to Sunday (I accept your suggestions ^^). I already had Snow White week, and most of you suggested to draw Bell.

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I have an obsession with eyes. I do believe that they are the windows to the soul. I draw eyes in a lot of my notebooks and on almost all of my school work. I find them so. I hope you like this awesome pic of a lot of this colorful eye :)

"Harmony. Watercolor by Zaira Dzhaubaeva." this is literally the tattoo I've wanted since I was about 16

Harmony by Zaira Dzhaubaeva

The fish balance each other out, creating a harmonious image. Watercolor by Zaira Dzhaubaeva.

... tão lindo... tão estranho...


LOVE , the colors/Saatchi Online Artist: yossi kotler; Digital 2014 New Media "wondering"


I love you, I hate you Painting by Alessandro Andreuccetti

I'm really loving this artists work Saatchi Online Artist: Alessandro Andreuccetti; Watercolor, Painting "I love you, I hate you"

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Hora de massagear o cérebro: gifs psicodélicos

Dazzling animations make the hexagon a psychedelic experience