Natalia Figueiredo

Natalia Figueiredo

Natalia Figueiredo
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Next Generation House created by Sou Fujimoto Architects is a small housing module for weekend use, located on the edge of a forest overlooking the River Kuma at Kumakura, opposite the temple of Shibatatehime.

Could I make open shelves like this for my kitchen with wood crates and then put decorative shelf brackets under them? I'm dying: this is a good idea. white tile + loads of plants caixotes

Grey kitchen

how to decorate a kitchen w/ grey & black, w/o overly darkening the room. tip: use white walls, roof & display white bowls to brighten the room. tip add a pastel colour to add femininity & softness to the concrete floors & table.

Ostello Bello - Milão

Ostello Bello in Milan took home the top title in the Italian hostel category thanks to its many (and we do mean many) free ammenities