Cheap Home Furnishing with Recycled Pallets

If you have pallets available at home, then don’t rush to the store to get the TV cabinet for the new home. Use the recycled wood pallets to create a TV cabinet like the one presented as it is simple to create and it looks amazing.

Emoção na parede.

Just printed and laminated about 15 pictures at Staples, this is the best idea. I should have thought of it! I even already have the materials :) cute for play room

Blogueiros indicam 26 ideias de decoração para as paredes - Casa

Blogueiros indicam 26 ideias de decoração para as paredes

Painel de fotos - this would be neat with a blown up version of 1 picture and each square was a piece of that 1 pic.

Tão simples quanto lindo, o varal iluminado exibe fotos de toda a turma e deixa a casa mais aconchegante. Pisca-pisca Empório das Flores

Casa cheia de luz

Great idea to use stringed lights to show your Polaroid pictures at home

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#portaretrato #portaretratodeperolas #caixas #caixinhas #caixasdecoradas #caixasdeperolas #perolas #mundoperolado #ehsucesso

Espaço de trabalho tem placa de madeira pinus sustentada por cavalete.

DaHorta + Branco Design

Home Office

Estudar, trabalhar e planejar escolha o lugar certo

Long desk study office room large work home decor ideas big table interior design