Wind Veil

▶ guarda da secondo Wind Veil - Millions of individual aluminium plates responding to wind movements, simulating ripples on the surface of water.

Articulated Cloud by Ned Kahn

Articulated Cloud by Ned Kahn, Pittsburgh Childrens Museum: Composed of thousands of translucent, white plastic squares that move in the wind, the artwork is intended to suggest that the building has been enveloped by a digitized cloud.

Microturbines by Ned Kahn

Microturbines - Santa Rosa Junior College Gallery - 2009 An array of 1008 small, extruded acrylic turbines that spin in the wind. The translucent white pl.


Fachadas cinéticas

© Earl Carter Architects: Sean Godsell Location: RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia Architects In Charge: Sean Godsell, Hayley Franklin Associated

Chain of Ether by Ned Kahn

Chain of Ether - ResMed Corporation, San Diego, CA- 2009 A tall by long, wind-activated artwork that consists of 9 squares of alumi.

LIGO Wave Wall

"Wave Wall," a kinetic skin on the surface of the new Science Education Center at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) in Livingston, Louisiana.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore | Kinetic Facade Structures

The amazing Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore has glazed lobby facades covered with metal panels which are moved by the wind and an inclined wall facing th.