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a woman's face with flowers and snakes on her arm, in black and white
Medusa Tattoo
Shows an arm with fresh black linework tattoo of dahlias and dotwork mandalas. With black line details and shading. Mandala Flowers Sleeve, Mandala Flower Tattoos Sleeve, Geometric Floral Sleeve Tattoo, Mandala Tattoo Filler Ideas, Women With Full Sleeve Tattoos, Peony And Mandala Tattoo Design, Tattoo Sleeve Women Floral, Water Lily Mandala Tattoo, Shading Sleeve Tattoo
Dahlias & Mandalas // Tattoo Sleeve
Bold & fineline blackwork floral & mandala tattoo. Designed and created by Lu Loram-Martin, Toronto, Canada @lu_lorammartin_tattoos