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"Blueberry Pancake Productions is excited to introduce a pattern like no other!  **This is a digital download you do not receive the item nothing will be shipped Do not distribute pattern! Copyright protected. You may NOT sell or give away pattern. You may NOT publish the pattern in any form. You may use the pattern for personal use. You may sell the ones you build, you may sell completed heads built on this pattern. Please credit me Blueberry Pancake Productions when selling bases or finished h

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Lelouch Lamperouge

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a painting of a woman with white hair and black clothes, wearing an eye patch
Created with Midjourney Ai #Character #Fantasy #Anime #cartoon #cyberpunk #sci-fi
two different views of an anime character with white hair and black clothes, one in high heels
a woman sitting on top of a stone block holding a blue and black object in her hand
a drawing of a woman climbing up the side of a building
a woman with white hair and black leather outfit