Manga girl

(Sly Silver Fox – It's a really interesting deep feeling I get from this)

Jasmin Darnell

Ink Drawing from JDarnell : Hand drawn one of a kind drawing. Pencil and ink on heavy grade, high quality paper. Stamped and signed.

Legolas senhor dos anéis

I usually really don't like Manga/Anime art of any kind especially of characters I like but this looks really great. Even his expression is perfect! And I LUV how this is Legolas! My fav character from Lord of the Rings (and Hobbit) in anime version!

so much expression in her eyes, what an amazing drawing<<< oh gods this is Hazel Levesque

cute couple sketch

Técnica para Beijo Surpresa

Guy: hey came here, Girl: Hmmm Guy: closer, Girl: (thinking) Guy *KISS* Guy: (thinking) Yeah Girl: (thinking) Yeah