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Nature's First Pattern naturally divides into twelve equal parts . These 12 equal parts are 30 degrees each and are the basis of the ancient 12 House Astrological System.

Mustard flowers on a California hillside, by contemporary landscape artist Erin Hanson.

Purchase contemporary impressionism canvas prints directly from the artist Erin Hanson. These fine art prints have the illusion of texture and are a beautiful reproduction of Hanson's popular modern Open Impressionism oil paintings.

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Philippa Rice’s comic Soppy can be bought here for... |

Risograph print of the soppy, cuddling of the sofa comic in red and black. Print size is x 8 inches) on Corona Offset paper.


JCS New mosaic full laid diamond painting embroidery beads Table vase flowers floral beads cross stitch sets semi-finished


24 ilustrações mostram que o amor está nas pequenas coisas. Eu me identifiquei com várias, e você?

In a simple, yet beautiful series of illustrations, artist Philippa Rice explores the little things that create joy to those in love. These illustrations are featured in her comic book “Soppy, A Love Story”.