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HAHA! Nice, Hiro! Tadashi would be so proud (^w^)/

Grown up Hiro >>>> *fangirl screams in distance* O_O oh wow.*blushes deeply* O_O oh, uh, COMING! *hides face and runs off*.does Hiro have a bun?

...More like heaven.

A place where I post my shitty art and also homos. Here i'll post: HTTYD / Animated movies /.

Kevedd : Dare 07 by spogunasya

Dared by:  I dare Kevin to kiss Edd in front of his friends (the Ed boys) and to say its sexy time ;D and drag him away ~  -- omg the last panel cracked me up XD 

Yaoi fans. Too crazy for their own good < i say that as an yaoi fan myself

True< not true< u know that you’re being homophobic when you treat gay men like objects for you to get off to and call yourself a dirty sinner for shipping two boys << exactly just change homophobes to fujoshis and fujoshis to lgbt ppl