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Castelo de Almourol on a small islet in the middle of Tagus River in Portugal

Castelo de Almourol, Portugal - Medieval castle located on a small islet in the middle of the Tagus River. The castle was part of the defensive line controlled by the Knights Templar, and a stronghold used during the Portuguese Reconquista.

Aldeia do Piodão, Centro de Portugal Region, Portugal

Piodão, Arganil, Portugal - The Piodão village, situated on a hillside of the Serra do Açor. The dwellings are traditional schist walls and ceiling covered with slabs and wood doors and windows painted in blue.

Boca do Inferno (Hells Mouth) - Cascais - Portugal-Increddddible. But not usually this calm.

"Boca do Inferno" (Hell's Mouth) - Cascais - Portugal. It gets its name from the rough ocean waves which crash against the cliff face, forcing their way into a cave system, and spraying angrily from an opening above.