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the teenage mutant turtles in teenage mutant, from left to right, are wearing yellow vests and red caps
As Tartarugas Ninja: Novo filme tem Jackie Chan, Paul Rudd e o cantor Post Malone; confira o trailer
a cartoon character holding an umbrella in his hand
Confira crossover entre Rick and Morty e God of War Ragnarok
three men in suits standing next to each other with their hands on their hipss
Com só um temporada, série animada LGBTQIA+ é oficialmente cancelada pela Netflix
the pokemon team is standing together in front of an entrance with their heads turned to look like pikachu
Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles ganha data de estreia na Netflix; veja o trailer
O filme já está disponível nos cinemas, e no Brasil. #dc #dccomics #ligadossuperpets #superpets #dcligadossuperpets #superhomem #superman #batman #superherois Batman, Superman, Dwayne Johnson, Dc Comics Art, Superhero, Lego Ninjago Movie, League, Super Powers, Star Wars Celebration
DC Liga dos Super Pets estreia hoje nos cinemas
the title for what if?, written in red and white letters on a black background
What If..? - O Pior e o Melhor da série
an image of a woman with green skin and red hair standing in front of a cityscape
Gamora é destaque do pôster do último episódio de What If...?
an image of a man in a sci - fi suit with lights on his face
Marvel divulga o pôster do episódio 8 de What If…? com Ultron em destaque
star wars the cloners poster with various characters
Review - Star Wars: Visions
the poster for disney's upcoming movie, what if? is it? with an image of thor
Thor é destaque do sétimo episódio de What If…?
a batman standing on top of a building with lightning in the sky behind him,
HBO Max anuncia oficialmente a data de lançamento de ‘Batman: A Série Animada’
the title for what if 2?, which appears to be in red and white
What If...? - Review Episódios 4 ao 6
two men with painted faces hugging each other
What If...? - Review Episódios 1 ao 3
two men with swords in their hands, one is holding another man's head
Tudo o que sabemos sobre The Witcher: Lenda do Lobo 2
The Witcher: Lenda do Lobo revela a história do mentor de Geralt, Vesemir - mas haverá uma sequência para a animação da Netflix?
the back cover of an old video game, featuring several characters in different colors and sizes
Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco: Gravações do live action começaram, estreia deverá ser adiada para 2024!