Nesralla Raphael

Nesralla Raphael

“Nunca veja o mal em ninguém – veja o bem. Mesmo que o mal for demasiado, tente encontrar o bem. Por que é impossível se encontrar um homem que não tenha nenhum
Nesralla Raphael
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LOVE this picture. I think its super hott for some reason... Oh yeah, maybe cus its covered it bud leaves LOL

this shows how people can be in love with things that are not people. how it can take over a persons life just like how people fall in love with another person and that other person is their life.

Fancy smoke blowing

The FDA is finally approving a form of Viagra for women, but one woman is already several steps ahead with a natural solution—a low-THC strain, grown, packaged and branded as .

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Cannabis Label

“Here's another low res file of one of our cannabis posters. Anyone who wants to use it as a avatar go right ahead.