printable mini paper top hat templates for fun and parties

8 fantastic mini top hat template designs to download and print instantly. Ready to turn heads at the party!

printable mini paper top hat templates for fun and parties. Pinning this for murder mystery and splat costumes.

Tiny Hat DIY Hair Accessories Credit:

Mini Top Hat (this is brilliant! Never would have thought to use a bottle cap)--mini Mary poppins hats for party favors

cardboard boat

Boat from recycled cardboard and fabric - How perfect for an visual aid when telling Noah and the Ark, Jesus calms the storm, Jonah and the big fish, or any other water-themed Bible story! Art projects for Kids,Children&

Hat pin cushion

Hat pincushion - Looks like it uses old CD and part of a yogurt type container.

Mini polka dot hats

43 Simple Anime & Manga Gift Crafts to Make at Home

Great for Girls birthday DIY mini top hats! Lovely spring color ways, no-sew DIY party fascinators by Happythought

DIY Cardboard Treasure Box

DIY Cardboard Treasure Box do this with office or paper boxes with lids for kids