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❤ "The bulldog riding the skateboard - over rated. Nap on skateboard -- good stuff!" ❤ No source.too bad it's not a bulldog. It's a pug 😒

OMG, thats totally me. -Long talks with my best friend. I'm so happy she puts up with my long conversations., love you ;

PERFECTION = TUMBLR BOYS (Looks like a guy i met yesterday!)

I have no idea who this is but.kinda hard to take your eyes off of to be perfectly honest :)

Good Middle Names For Boys #ramones

Middle names can be like a bridge between first and last names. Check out the best middle names that add value or serve as connectors.

My ex-best friend turned into everything we always hated. A stuck up girl. A girl that wore make up and never had enough friends. I hate it to see that we're not what we used to be.  Sometimes people change, guess you can't do anything but accept.

I miss you. The old you was so kind, amazing, and sympathetic. The new you couldn't care less. Why do you have to be so mean? People have changed you. Nobody seems to care, except for me. I miss you