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an image of a woman in grey clothes
an image of a skirt pattern with measurements
the skirt is cut into pieces and ready to be sewn on with it's belt
the sewing pattern is designed to be used as a skirt
142 - Hướng dẫn cắt may váy bút chì thắt nơ liền thân | pencil Skirts | le fashion |how to sew
the diagram shows how to draw skirts with different shapes and sizes, including one for each skirt
Szoknyák szabásmintái
the instructions for how to make an individual pocket section in adobe and photoshopped
Mens Flat Fashion Sketch Templates - My Practical Skills
the front and back view of a white dress
Tops, Haute Couture, Salsa Dress, Salsa Outfit, Vintage Boho Outfit, Tango Dress