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How To Plant A Lemon In A Cup: Make Your Home Smell Fresh And Boost Your Mood

Summer is a great time to enjoy the refreshing citrus flavor of lemon. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own tree that you can pick from whenever you like? Fortunately, lemon trees are among the easiest citrus fruits to grow in your yard. With a bit of planning and patience, you can be plucking […]

27 Incredibly Beautiful Bee Hotels (And Why You Should Build One)

Everyone can create a bee hotel to help bees and other pollinators! Here are 27 incredible bee hotels of all sizes for inspiration.

17 Clever Vegetable Garden Hacks

Here are 17 fun and clever vegetable garden hacks to help make your garden more successful this year! These are brilliant! I've been staring at our empty garden boxes in the backyard, just itching to buy our vegetable seedlings for the year! I'm counting down the days before the risk of frost is gone, (It's Canada, so it takes a little longer, eh?) so we can finally start planting! Start Seedlings from Eggshells Don't throw away those used eggshells! Save them up and use them to start your…

14 Beautiful DIY Butterfly Feeders To Make Your Garden A Butterfly Paradise

Not only do butterflies bring color and beauty to the garden, but they do important work by pollinating flowers. Moreover, many species are endangered and so need our help and protection. Why not provide a

GARDEN TIP: Growing Vertical

Last winter, I spent some time looking over the book, Vertical Gardening: Grow Up, Not Out, For More Vegetables And Flowers In Much Less Space by Derek Fell (2011). Admittedly, I didn’t really read…

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Personal Seed Bank

Whether you are preparing for the long-term future or just for the next season, you need to start a seed bank for your family. Find out what you need to know to make your own this year! Plus download seed label printables for your seed packs! #seedbank #seedsaving #garden

Build Folding A-Shaped Bean Frame Instructions - Allotment & Gardens

How to build a folding A-shaped climbing bean frame, full step by step guide. Extract from Build A Better Vegetable Garden by Joyce and Ben Russell

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Pre-Sprout Seeds for Faster Germination

One of the most frustrating things about starting seeds is waiting for them to emerge from the soil. Pre-sprouting seeds germinates seeds before planting.

Water for Bees

Water for Bees. Do bees need water? Yes, learn how to help bees by providing a safe drinking source for thirsty bees.

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Here's how to make a DIY butterfly feeder for your garden that makes a wonderful addition to any garden + more DIY garden projects!

How to Make a Butterfly Water Feeder | Empress of Dirt

This simple waterfeeder made from thrift shop items will attract small birds, bees, and butterflies. Filled with fresh water, it will attract pollinators to your garden.

DIY Deep Pot PVC Irrigation

I have said this before, but I will say it again today. I love gardening but my least favorite tasks are weeding and watering the [...]

Diy Crafts For GirlsSummer CraftsSummer ActivitiesNature Crafts

Check out these 3 DIY backyard craft activities

Create super easy paper kites, hanging luminaries, and bug hotels.

Protect Your Local Pollinators With A DIY Bee Watering Station

A DIY bee watering station is a very simple and cheap project that will allow you to do your part in helping bees and other pollinators.

Water for your bees

I have tried several different things to try to provide water for my bees. None of these ideas has been very successful. In one of the Beekeeping Journals or…