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a pink bottle with the word absolut on it's front and side
Strawberry Vodka - Absolut Juice Strawberry
three bottles of absolut vodka and a glass with an orange garnish
Absolut Mandrin Breeze #vodka #absolut #absolutvodka
two women covered in colorful paint holding a blue bottle with pink and green lettering on it
Drinks | Wallpaper | iPhone | Android
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six bottles of absolut raspberry vodka with different colors and designs on them
Absolut Redesigns Their Vodka Bottles To Communicate The Energy Behind The Flavors.
three bottles of absolut and raspberry vodka on a black background with the words absolut
a bottle of vodka next to some lemon slices
Grapefruit Vodka - Absolut Grapefruit
an advertisement for absolut zeste is shown in this advertiser's photo
21 of the most clever Absolut vodka print ads
an aerial view of a ski slope with the words absolut oslo above it
Absolut Oslo
an advertisement for absolut vodka in the middle of a pool with palm trees around it
ABSOLUTely Clever! 10 ABSOLUT VODKA Campaign Ads
an advertisement for absolut summer with shells and starfish in the sand on the beach
Absolut Summer
several different types of vodkas are lined up on a table with one glass full of ice and raspberries
Absolut Raspberry Reflection
The life of the party now comes in four million unique bottles.
a bottle of absolut vodka sitting in front of many colored bottles with the same design on them
This year, we resolved to transform the ordinary into something UNIQUE. What do you think we're up to in 2013?
an advertisement for absolut vodka is displayed on a wall in a dark room