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the words call me if you get lost are above clouds
CMIYGL wallpaper by @gorfwang on insta
a painting of sunflowers in the foreground with a road running through them
a box with some items inside of it
an advertisement for the movie bee movie, with caption in english and spanish on it
a sign on the side of a building that says, e u que que que que nadda se te mas desconfio de muta cosa
Frase de Guimarães Rosa em Grande Sertão Veredas
the birthday card for an animated video game is displayed in this screenshoter's interface
an iphone screen with many different cartoon characters on the phone and texting that reads, all apps
True Words, Texts, Amor, I Am Awesome, It Hurts, Me Quotes
the frozen king and his reindeer friend are all dressed up for christmas
Olaf and Sven
Olaf and Sven in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure
a frog wearing a colorful sweater and holding an object in his hand, on a green background
sapo retrô
a woman standing in the grass with a hat on her head looking at a house
Looking for Anne of Green Gables among the rolling hills and red sand beaches of Prince Edward Island