Here is a pic from the upcoming God of War 3 that just came in today! This one is of Kratos wielding the all powerful Blade of Olympus, that could easil. Kratos' Blade of Olympus

God of War Kratos

God of War Kratos Vintage Poster Print by Posterinspired// not even a huge GoW fan, but this poster.


Descargar juegos para pc por mega God of War Ghost of Sparta [ISO] [PSP] [DF]

God of War - Kratos

God of War II comes out next month! Yeah, so I felt I should try my hand at another Kratos. While I don't think the original God of War game was the best thing ever made, I certainly loved the ae.

Kratos & the God of War video game series - A great way to re-write Greek mythology.


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God of War vs. Hulk. Who wins? #HULK #GodOfWar

Hulk vs Kratos O.O Kratos is my fav on all stars! I kick butt with him!

God of War: Ascension ‘The Mythological Heroes’ multiplayer trailer

God of War: Ascension The Mythological Heroes multiplayer trailer --- VISIT…