Durga Puja

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an old book with a flower in the middle and some writing on the front cover
মুক্ত বাতাসের খোঁজে
an illustration of a woman in red shoes walking down a path with flowers on it
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an artistic painting of a woman holding up a mask to her face with the eyes closed
Let goddess eradicate all negatives
Excel wishes Shubho Mahalaya
Let your walls be draped in the festive spirit. Mahalaya announces the arrival of the Goddess, and we hope it brings positive vibes for everyone. Excel wishes Shubho Mahalaya to all. #ExcelWallPapers #ShubhoMahalaya
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The significance of Navami lies in our ability to celebrate separation through merry farewells. ‘Sindoor Khela’ marks Maa Durga’s departure from her parent’s place. Women playfully smear vermillion across each other’s faces. In contrast, men and women perform the ‘Dhunuchi Naach,’ an Indian thurible or a censer used deftly as a prop to pull off flexible dance manoeuvres. Excel wishes all a Navami filled with the goodness that can colour our perception of goodbyes for the better. #Excel
a woman's face with colorful hair on top of her head, and the words obey above it
Hindu Deities
a drawing of a person holding a drum in front of a heart with the letter h on it
Wishing A very enjoyable Puja
a poster with an image of a person in the background
Faces of Durga Puja Official Poster for Hoichoi.tv