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a pot filled with black beans, rice and avocado wedges on the side
Southwest Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Rice Skillet
grilled chicken skewers with dipping sauce on the side, ready to be eaten
Bang Bang Chicken Skewers
a skillet filled with meat and vegetables being stirred by a wooden spoon on the side
Chicken in Garlic Sauce Chinese
Crispy and Delicious Chicken Nuggets at Home
Peanut Butter Ramen
Creamy peanut butter ramen 🍜 One of my favorite ways to upgrade instant ramen is to replace the water in the soup base with milk and add a spoonful of peanut butter along with the seasonings. It makes the broth super creamy and adds such a depth of flavor. @jasmineandtea
a wok filled with noodles and vegetables being stir fried by chopsticks in it
Glass Noodle Stir Fry with Cabbages
two plates filled with rice and shrimp next to each other
Shrimp Rice With Herbs (Persian Style)
two different views of the same pizza with basil and mozzarella toppings on it
Buttery Garlic Pizza with Fresh Herbs
two bowls filled with rice and garnished with parsley on the side, next to each other
Nigerian Jollof Rice
Easy Egg Fried Rice
egyptian oven baked chicken and rice in a blue bowl with a spoon on the side
Savory Rice With Cream (Egyptian Meammar Rice)
Creamy, buttery and outrageously delicious rice and chicken bake. Egyptian roz meammar is a special rice bake that you'll love. #amiraspantry #RiceRecipe #OnePotDinner #ChickenDinner #RamadanRecipes #EgyptianRecipes #MediterraneanRecipes #MiddleEastFoood |
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