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"Coffee Break Procreate Color Palettes. Brown or Earth Tone Color palettes for Procreated. Procreate Color Palettes for iPad. Shading and Highlighting all combined into an easy palette.  There are 30 color swatches for instant download. Files you will receive: 1 Digital .swatches file available for download How to use: 1. After the purchase/payment confirmation you will receive an email with the download link. 2. Download the files and then go to your downloaded files and choose the \"Open In Procreate\" option 3. It will be automatically installed in the palettes on Procreate. This swatch palette will only work in the Procreate App for iPad with the Apple Pencil. They will not work in Photoshop or any other software applications. If you have problems with the download, please contact us!
A Procreate color / colour palette tool, 1.swatches file, 30 swatches for tones & shades, digital art illustration, painting, illustrating, Christmas, Xmas, New Year, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, birthday party, weddings, baby showers, digital planner decor, festive holiday drawing aesthetic color scheme, iPad Pro hand lettering digital brushes illustrating & Apple Pencil painting on the Procreate app. 30 swatches, handpicked light, bright, dark gothic jewel purple tones & no

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